Curiously is a thesis on Curiosity. Below are screen recordings from my iPad of the first two issues of Curiously, which utilized the double format on the iPad as well as long-scrolling abilities that allowed me to put great emphasis on some of the info graphics. The zine was available for a short time for download for iPad and in PDF format. Posters were screen printed, and stickers of some of the images from the zine, and instructional post cards on how to download the issues. 

This is the result of un-learning some things, in order to let go, and trust in the creative process.

Curiously Issue #1: Meet Curiosity 

Meet Curiosity is a curation of 25 people's answers to 7 questions based on curiosity, as well as my own experience with curiosity. It contains information graphics, mini-articles, and hypothetical ponderings that travel near to far, spatially and temporally. So, when it is your time to die, would you rather drown or be sent into a black hole?


Curiously Issue #2: The Indifferent Issue

The Indifferent Issue is a look at Curiosity's enemy: Indifference. This issue invites the viewer to visit and contemplate our indifferences, petty and serious. From the TV show you could care less about to serious issues that, lead someone to a level of ignorance by way of indifference, this is the range of this subject. Small suggestions, to get the viewer thinking of how it is applied to their own world.