A Japanese stab-bound, hardcover book. Screen printed cover and digitally printed pages with photo overlays printed on vellum. 

This is a flip on the I.E.T. Soldier's handbook we had to study from throughout Army Basic Training. We were required to carry these small paper bricks around in our cargo pockets. These horribly designed gems of knowledge contained info such as: how to apply a tourniquet, cleaning an M-16, the Soldier's Creed, and instructions on how to fire an AT-4 rocket launcher, to name a few. 

This is the Soldier Affiliate's Handbook, which was created not as a pocket study guide, but as a coffee table book for friends and family members of solders. Its purpose is to include to help the affiliates understand the lingo, ranks, culture and equipment of the United States Army. It is complete with an A-Z list of ARMY acronyms, both official and culturally instated. The intention is to give civilians a lift across the cultural and vernacular bridge into the military realm.